Monday, December 04, 2006

trendy or timeless?

this is a good question to ask all of you people including non-fashionistas! well.. let me start with me. based on my style blood, i am a timeless classic chic with twists of modern stuff. I am not top to bottom trendy, i am just slightly trendy. I mean i try some of the trends, but I wouldn't wear all of the current trends together. Like this season, leggings and dresses are the "hotties". but I don't wear them together the whole time. Usually, I'll pick one of them. but if I do feel like wearing them, then I'll still give a break on the accessories part. Or perhaps, since this season is hot with crazy leggings! I might just wear a pair of classic black leggings. So, you get the point lah.. plus, micro minis with leggings or tights still look hot.!
Enough about me, lets talk about the question itself.
Timeless.. just means classic! the look is just very classy, and clean. Nothing weird.. but, being to classic can SOMETIMES be boring (im not saying it's always depends how the person brings it to with her appearance, make up, etc.).. being trendy however, is on the fun side. You just change like a chameleon every season!! but, sometimes being trendy can mean, you loose your style. and sometimes, just being classic could actually be the one that's different just because everyone else is wearing the same trend, and this woman is being classic.! well.. as I said, It all depends on how the person brings it. Their face, their style, their confindence.. everything fits together! but, being trendy, timeless, or both! always make sure you are being yourself. stand out, dont blend in! Just wear what you feel most comfortable, and you'll probably end up with something you like more than what you usually are wearing.!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

inspi(RED) for AIDS

"it is a great campaign! the color and the word RED speaks for itself. red is a confident color and it somehow shows wanting to be different. in this case, productRED is MAKING the difference. Great motivation for people to help people with AIDS with great products in a great color to make a great difference."

just before i sleep, i decided to blog. and as i log in into my blogger beta acc. I saw the news with productRED and that today is world AIDS day. I thought this was a great topic to talk about. I visited to know more about the campaign. it is a great campaign as i commented above. I've seen the ads in teen mags about productRED. I AM INTERESTED! i want to buy one of these products to help out but also get the cool red colored products! (the iPod nano, motorola phone, and the t-shirt are cool!) I've seen other campaigns similar to this when shopping for a good cause is done. In an issue of 17magazine, there also an article where we had a quiz first to find out what we love to do. and whatever we love to do, the article is encouraging us to turn "the thing we love" into a good cause. I thought it was a brilliant article. Anyways, this could be a good idea for you all out there! Do what you love while you help others.! I've signed up for the RED campaign online. and you all should do! or maybe sign for other organizations such as the Aldo AIDS campaign or the MAC Viva Glam campaign! all great fashion treasures while you support for others to make the world a better place!

sign up now!