Thursday, November 30, 2006

D&G V3i Motorola RZR

talking about one of hollywood's hottest fashion accessory, handphones (or cell phones, mobile, or watever u wanna call it).. well.. the "kinda" new Dolce & Gabbana gold V3i looks really cool. but the price isnt that cool.. comparing to the normal V3i, the price ranges about $200-300 in difference (im not sure abt the price for the normal V3i's, but i kno the D&G one is abt $500).. are phones for their designs really worth that much? maybe it is, just because it's Dolce & Gabbana making it.. perhaps.. or maybe it's material that it's made out of, after all, the finishing of the D&G phone is GOLD!! (very glamorous.) however, in countries lyk indonesia, motorolo phones arent that popular, n its kinda hard4us to use them.. i mean, the OK button is usually on the right for us, and in motorola the OK button is on the left, and I end up exiting every application im abt to use..
I use a nokia N73, i think it's pretty good. the camera is a whooping 3MP ! and the result looks great, altough i do hate for the fact that the camera makes a "click" sound and i cant turn off that click sound.. -_-'' comparing my N73 and D&G V3i, the main big difference is the camera MP and the memory.. im not sure abt the memory of D&G V3i phone, but my N73 has 40MB of internal and an expandable miniSD card slot (i use a 1GB one, so its really big..the nokia pack gives u a 128MB card..) howevver, i saw famous Dutch model, Iekeliene Stange(pronounced Ee-kel-een-ah), sported the N73 phone slided on her wrist during the backstage at Peter Som.

something bad..

ok, this post is out of my normal topic.. but.. i have to express it somewhere..
my headmaster, mr. f (i cant reveal his whole name for security reasons) just passed away on november 30th 2006. this was a shocking news for me. and i feel really bad for him, even tough sometimes i still do get fed up of him..( im telling the truth mr.f).. he died of a heart attack when he was at school meeting.. he just fall off from the stage. and there it goes.. the story is really sad. it's sad for me, but about his family? his wife and children? that would be even sadder for them.. well i just wish he'll end up in heaven for being kind and caring to our school. and i also wish a happy after life..

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dangdut is the music of my country!

ok.. you might be wondering what is dangdut and why the hell did i put that as my title.. well here's the case.. my school's united nations day is coming soon.. i think its somewhere in january.. and for years.. i've either been wearing red and white.. some costume to fit the nation of the performance im doing.. or i'll a chi bao (the chinese thing..)..i dont wear kebaya tough.. i feel ridiculous in it somehow..
well.. i wanna create a twist this year.. im making "dangdut is the music of my country" shirts... and i'll wear them for UN day.. ! looks casual but i think the shirt speaks for itself.. so it's really good.. i'll probably sell some of the same type of shirts with korean, japanese, or american music too.. btw.. dangdut is a type of music here in indo that is popular.. altough a lot dont lyk me.. icld me.. but i think dangdut is just something that says something abt indo.. so i'll put that down..

the inspiration was from a song by project pop.. which was titled "dangdut is the music of my country" too// soo.. one day i was lyk just thinking random stuff.. and i got to the point where i tought dis wud be a gud idea for an UN day costume.. i havent make it yet.. but i will.. soon.. it's kinda easy i guess... just put in some text into photoshop with a cool font.. some music notes, and an indo flag.. and that's all.. print it on a shirt-screening paper..den iron it.. and voila! finito!

ps* i might want to colaborate with UN too.. maybe i cud maake some real cash.. ^^ $$ and help for world peace!

Monday, November 27, 2006

the 24 hour dress. and an intro to MY layering..

based on an article in TEENvogue, december/january 2006 edition

layering has been a part of my fashion style ever since i started to get into fashion. the weather here in indonesia is really really hot for me to wear too much layers. so i try to minimize the layers but be stylish at the same time too, which is hard. sometimes when i get a great combination of layering, i can only wear that combination to a certain place lyk the high end mall such as plaza senayan or EX or senayan city. I cant wear them everywhere. one: hot weather! i need good AC so i can survive in my layerings. two: weird dudes stare at u in a freaky way.. but the best thing about layering myself is that i can create one of a kind style. one of the good stuff to wear are dresses with leggings or tights for this season. however, something that has become
a dillema for me is that whenever a trend is worn too much out there, i just don't feel like wearing it. i dont know why that happens. but it's just a coincidence that it is happening. i wish i layer stuff up lyk what "they're" wearing.. but i dont lyk to be spotted that i have same style with "them". second thing is that, i have no idea where to buy cheap but lasting leggings and tights. i wont be splurging on those, cuz i kno its a trend thing. and Michael Kors actually said that dont splurge on trends, splurge on classics. so those are the problems.. but anyways, here's the stuff bout the 24 hour dress thing...

Dresses are huge this season and you CAN make them the most out of it!
start by using dresses for a great outfit that can transit you from a lecture to a runway. the great thing about dress is that they looked pulled together.

the key for AM
-layer layer and layer! leggings, crisp jackets, tights, loose socks, and shirts are all great for this season and to warm you up too (except if u live in somewhere tropical lyk i do, then u sud loosen up the layers or u'll be in microwave)

-kick in boots or flats. they're casual but still cool... but please please please.. choose some flats that are bold, not the ones that pple at the mall wear too much, the ones with the bow, flower, and in sweet pastel colors.. (u might not know which im talking abt, but my frens understand this part =))

-get a big bag. its chic this season and holds all ur school supplies while u can still keep ur cool factor. =) great deal!

-skip foundation. instead, keep your face simple with nudes and creme blush that creates a healthy skin glow. if u need to cover up ur zits, then use those concealers that has acne medication too (i recomend Clinique anti-blemsish solutions skin clearing concealer, price not sure. /it really does work..i've used it.!)

the key for PM
-go tall with sexy heels or better still platforms that are hot this season!

-swap that big book bag with a clutch.. choose one that compliments your outfit.. remember, one accessory can change your look !

-amp up ur make up with some glam factor.. like golds, thick lashes, wing eye liners, red lipstick! whatever you prefer! but remember, if u're going somewhere u're going to take lots of pics, remember not to overload your foundation, cuz u'll face will look freaky on the film if you go too much.. (eeek..)
*personally, i prefer tinted moisturizer (try elizabeth arden's tinted moisturizer with brighteners.. and it has SPF 15 good for day !)wherever and whenever i go.. first it's natural.. and still covers some imperfection.. if i need xtra coverage.. then concealer is my answer and my secret to conceal flaws for a flawless finish.. but hey! just because concealer was invented, doesnt mean you have to keep your skin clean with cleansers (i use shiseido pureness deep cleansing foam, really refreshing).. always remember, great base means great endings*

and remember.. dont be afraid to add in your style into philosophy. doesnt mean magazines or a person lyk me said this.. doesnt mean you have to obey the rules. just wear what you feel comfortable and what you like. never make someone make you wear something you dont want to wear!