Thursday, November 30, 2006

D&G V3i Motorola RZR

talking about one of hollywood's hottest fashion accessory, handphones (or cell phones, mobile, or watever u wanna call it).. well.. the "kinda" new Dolce & Gabbana gold V3i looks really cool. but the price isnt that cool.. comparing to the normal V3i, the price ranges about $200-300 in difference (im not sure abt the price for the normal V3i's, but i kno the D&G one is abt $500).. are phones for their designs really worth that much? maybe it is, just because it's Dolce & Gabbana making it.. perhaps.. or maybe it's material that it's made out of, after all, the finishing of the D&G phone is GOLD!! (very glamorous.) however, in countries lyk indonesia, motorolo phones arent that popular, n its kinda hard4us to use them.. i mean, the OK button is usually on the right for us, and in motorola the OK button is on the left, and I end up exiting every application im abt to use..
I use a nokia N73, i think it's pretty good. the camera is a whooping 3MP ! and the result looks great, altough i do hate for the fact that the camera makes a "click" sound and i cant turn off that click sound.. -_-'' comparing my N73 and D&G V3i, the main big difference is the camera MP and the memory.. im not sure abt the memory of D&G V3i phone, but my N73 has 40MB of internal and an expandable miniSD card slot (i use a 1GB one, so its really big..the nokia pack gives u a 128MB card..) howevver, i saw famous Dutch model, Iekeliene Stange(pronounced Ee-kel-een-ah), sported the N73 phone slided on her wrist during the backstage at Peter Som.

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