Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dangdut is the music of my country!

ok.. you might be wondering what is dangdut and why the hell did i put that as my title.. well here's the case.. my school's united nations day is coming soon.. i think its somewhere in january.. and for years.. i've either been wearing red and white.. some costume to fit the nation of the performance im doing.. or i'll a chi bao (the chinese thing..)..i dont wear kebaya tough.. i feel ridiculous in it somehow..
well.. i wanna create a twist this year.. im making "dangdut is the music of my country" shirts... and i'll wear them for UN day.. ! looks casual but i think the shirt speaks for itself.. so it's really good.. i'll probably sell some of the same type of shirts with korean, japanese, or american music too.. btw.. dangdut is a type of music here in indo that is popular.. altough a lot dont lyk me.. icld me.. but i think dangdut is just something that says something abt indo.. so i'll put that down..

the inspiration was from a song by project pop.. which was titled "dangdut is the music of my country" too// soo.. one day i was lyk just thinking random stuff.. and i got to the point where i tought dis wud be a gud idea for an UN day costume.. i havent make it yet.. but i will.. soon.. it's kinda easy i guess... just put in some text into photoshop with a cool font.. some music notes, and an indo flag.. and that's all.. print it on a shirt-screening paper..den iron it.. and voila! finito!

ps* i might want to colaborate with UN too.. maybe i cud maake some real cash.. ^^ $$ and help for world peace!

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