Tuesday, July 17, 2007

first powder blush

Yes, I'm serious about my title of this post.. This is my first powder blush purchase.. After years of using cream blushes (I own about 6 of them.. and the contents are still far from empty), i finally bought some powder blush so that the color won't wash out too fast during the day... Like usual, I always do my research online and throughout magazines... And for my final decision, I choose MAC blush in Style as recommend by a makeup artist in Allure magazine.. So I went up to the MAC counter and I asked for "Style" and they said it's not stocked here! [ARRGHHH].. Instead of just walking away, I asked the counter-girl to recommend me some good blushes for me.. She recommend 3 colors.. First was a nice pink (think Chanel's fall runway look). But I thought I didn't like looking too fair.. So I asked her for a more brownish, peachy color to warm my skin up (Yes I am a picky customer who sometimes know more than the counter girls..). Then she recommend 2 other colors.. One lighter and one darker.. In the end I choose the darker one!
Check out this link for the color..
It's called "Peaches".. It looks really pale on the picture.. But it's actually much more vibrant that the color shown on the web.. Bottom line, I tried this color on my friend (who has a golden-dark skintone).. and the color is still flattering! great thing is, you can control the amount of color deposited on your cheeks..

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