Sunday, July 01, 2007


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Who doesn't love the thin Motorola RAZR phones? You may not use one, but you wouldn't mind if someone gave it to you wouldn't you? Well.. Here's the good news.. Motorola is releasing the new generation of the RAZR phones.. It's called RAZR 2... 3 Phones are now in this range.. Moto V8, V9m, and the V9... V9 has the same thickness as the V3 phones... but the V8 and V9m are thinner than the V3 phones. However, they have less features..
All of them have 2 MegaPixel cameras (yeah!)... and you can send text message templates from the front screen.. so you don't have to open your open to actually send a message! They all support Mp3 format songs.. And they are equipped with Bluetooth! If internal storage is not enough, then buy a memory card chip to add some more memory!

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