Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Shift those Socks!

fashion spread from teen vogue august 07 issue

shift dresses. they seem to be getting trendier lately.. and they are not worn a lot in indonesia yet! soo.. that's great.. but im sure mangga dua will be filling their stands with shift dresses.. day-dresses are already popular here.. and im trying to find something different.. clearly, zara is not a good place to get dresses because everyone wears them.. *not good*.. although, i must admitt that zara is cheap and good!
anyways, shift dresses are looking like to be the new summer dresses in fall.. they are now cut really mini (hem stops at about mid-thing.. just like a mini skirt..).. they seem to be in bright colors! I love bringing back cheery summer colors into fall! it's just cheerful! =) haha.. Leggings seem to be slightly going away (and I'm glad it is. because.. wooo.. TOO MANY people are wearing it here! leggings were NOTHING before runways started to use them more..).. It seems that the trend now is, SOCKS.. yes, it's socks! magazines seem to be featuring models wearing mini dresses with thick shoes (chunky wedges, platforms or boots) with bright or patterned socks! I must say, I'm interested in this trend.. I've been wearing low ankle socks for like 3 years now! The last time I wore "unusual" socks was in grade 7.. I wore these japanese style leg warmers.. where Agnes Monica was wearing them in a soap opera "Ceweku Jutek".. I loved them soo much, but i got bored and switched back to low ankles..
well anyway.. since fall is colder, socks and wedges might not work too good.. but boots are good!.. socks are slightly scrunched just to "peek" a nice bright color on top of the boots.. (check the teenvogue spread image)

So, after I've blabbed all this.. i think you should all wear high socks now! Now you won't be marked as "dork" for wearing high socks! tell them it's in vogue! =)
and buy a bright shift dresses (don't worry, they're timeless..)

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